Parents share the BRIGHT side of autism!

This month, we are introducing our new parent post on the positives of living with someone with autism or having autism.    We need to hear good stories to lift each other up! 

This month’s prize winner and guest blogger is Mandy Legg!  Thanks to Mandy for sharing your story with us! 


Just wanted to start by saying I love this. We are always hearing the
negatives of having someone in our lives that has autism but hardly ever
anything positive, and even though there are a lot of negatives there us
also some positives. I would like to share some of the positive ways my son
has changed my life!!

My son is 4 and was diagnosed 1 month before his 2nd birthday and as most
families experience I went through an array of feelings. I soon came to
realize that autism did not have my son, he had it!!  My son has a lot of
problems showing affection, so when we do get the rare occasional hug, kiss
or even a pat it means so much more to us!!  He has made our lives so
colorful!!  He has such a funny way of seeing things, he makes us stop and
see the world in a different view. He notices how things are put together,
colors of things, the way things smells.  He had made us stop and smell the
roses, literally!!!  My son is my world, instead of constantly trying to
change him and make him adapt to our world, we are trying to adapt more to
his world and see the world through his eyes, it’s more colorful that way!!!


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