Jack Black sings about Sensory Integration!!

Follow the link to this cool video where Jack Black sings about being “sensitive!”  Very fun


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Parents of children with autism, food allergies, sensory integration difficulties, food allergies, GI problems, eosinophilic esophagitis (EE), g-tubes, or special needs….Come along and travel with us on the “Route 2 Greatness”!  A blog about  parenting  children with special needs….


Looking forward to sharing the life of raising a child (or many) with special needs with you!  We parent two wonderful children who have special needs!  Today, we’d like to say that we are tired of the saying, “You only get what you can handle.” CLEARLY, a parent of a child with special needs did NOT make up this saying. We handle what we HAVE to handle and are thankful for it, even learn to enjoy it! I don’t think most of us dreamed of parenting a child with special needs, but we’re all here. We can either sit and complain about it or learn to enjoy each little thing our child does. Each gesture, each word, each little milestone which would seem so small to those with typically developing children is so huge to us! Enjoy!!!!